GP Decals is the product of one man's desire to create the most stylish graphics for motocross riders and enthusiasts everywhere.

I'm Geremy Patterson, the founder of GPD. I've been riding and racing moto since I was about 5. At age 13, I first began making motocross graphics for computer video games. My previous passion for motocross and my new-found love for designing graphics grew from there.

I started working at N-style in 2011 and mastered the concepts of design during my two years there. Fast-forward to 2015, I'm now studying Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo. During my first years at school, I made a lot of custom graphic kits for my friends, including A-Class amateur rider RJ Wageman, but this was not enough to stem my creative desire.

Using my experience from N-style and my eye for clean, flowy designs, I created GP Decals to provide riders with the best-looking graphics at the track. And more than just looking good, our graphics are made to last as we print our graphics only on the highest quality adhesive materials available.

GPD is devoted to this idea of making the sickest graphics out there, and we believe that our kits can help transform any bike in to a factory-looking race machine.